Saturday, June 23, 2012

Affordable Care Act

Law would affect thousands of uninsured locals
By Nick Tabor, New Era Senior Staff Writer 

Spring Stillman, who has diabetes and a liver disease, has lived without health insurance since she was 18.
Stillman, now 37, handles bookkeeping for her husband’s flooring business, so she doesn’t have a large employer to provide benefits. But even when she worked at an accounting company for eight years, she couldn’t get insurance because of her pre-existing conditions.
Though St. Luke Free Clinic helps her a great deal, her insulin and pills cost more than $400 a month, and she pays more than $300 a month for cancer, heart and life insurance policies. And she’s still paying off a hospital bill from 2002.
She would gladly pay $500 a month for health insurance if she found a plan that gave enough benefits in return.

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