Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sexual health issues lack diagnosis

County’s high rate of STDs, teen pregnancies alarming
By Nick Tabor, New Era Staff Writer
“Maybe socio-economic status has something to do with it, but personally I think at some point people have to make good choices,” Pyle wrote in an email. “It’s hard to diagnose why our pregnancy and STD rates are higher. For now all we can do is advocate, educate, screen and treat.”
But neither explanation — demographics and the ubiquity of poor sexual habits — reaches the heart of the matter. They beg the question: Why are so many residents practicing unsafe sex?
Pyle agreed that if Christian County were to wage a campaign to reduce these rates, perhaps local government, private businesses, religious organizations and health-care providers could all play a role, as they have in their support of a public smoking ban.
However, to begin treating the large-scale problem, officials would first need to diagnose it in a way no one has yet done.

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